About Us

Six Simple Machines began a small group of product designers, engineers and (not least) coffee lovers.

Our story began in 2010 with a simple thought; milk bottles belong on the breakfast table at home – not in a busy cafe. So we decided to do something about it. After all, how hard could it be?

The early days

The early days

We designed and built our first system specifically for a tiny 8 sqm hole-in-the-wall cafe called ‘Sideshow’ in Sydney, Australia. To be honest, it was no masterpiece but it was proof that taps aren’t just for beer and water – they could be for milk too.

It also provided us with an understanding of the operational and physical demands a busy cafe would place on a milk dispensing system. In August 2011 we decided we would take what we had learned from the Sideshow machine and design a system that could work well in any cafe.

We spent thousands of hours designing, prototyping and testing components that would eventually become part of The Juggler cafe milk tap system. Ease of use and reliability were tough enough to crack, but ensuring the system would remain hygienic in a real cafe environment became our main focus throughout this phase.

In July 2012, we replaced our first little machine at Sideshow with a full working prototype of The Juggler for field testing. 12 months later, we were satisfied that we were ready to begin our first big-time production run of five machines.

And so was born The Juggler – the world’s first purpose designed and built milk dispenser for the cafe.

Change is good

Change is good

A company helicopter and private island might still be some way off, but we have come a long way in the past few years and we are thankful for the way the coffee and dairy industries have taken to The Juggler.

There are now hundreds of our machines all over Australia and New Zealand in a very diverse range of cafe operations. 15 different milk companies fill bladders for The Juggler and our service network of trained technicians has grown as The Juggler has found its way into new regions.

Our factory in Botany, NSW Australia is massive compared to the cosy little shed where we first began. Our team has also grown. Combined we have a wealth of industry experience in product design and engineering, manufacture, quality assurance and of course, coffee.

Despite the changes, our commitment to innovation and quality has always remained constant. We are proud to know that The Juggler is trusted by and contributing to the success of our customers.

Six Simple Machines?

Six Simple Machines?

A simple machine is a mechanism that changes the magnitude or direction of a force. Renaissance scientists described six simple machines which were said to be the building blocks on which all complex machines are built.

They are: Screw, Wheel and Axle, Pulley, Wedge, Lever, Inclined Plane

Modern technology has added to this list, but the concept of reducing a complex problem to simple elements captures our design process perfectly. So it seemed natural to choose Six Simple Machines as our company namesake.

The Juggler is our first bright idea. With a name like Six Simple Machines it’s no surprise that we often get asked what the other 5 will be. Although we have no shortage of ideas, we believe that true expertise only comes with experience and by remaining focused. This is why The Juggler family of milk dispensers is all we do.

Our customers often comment that The Juggler has become as essential to their business as an espresso machine and a coffee grinder and. We couldn’t hope for better feedback and motivation to keep improving.