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It’s our own fault. We’ve always been so busy designing, testing, building and looking after our customers that we don’t do a great job of telling our story, positioning our brand or whatever else it is that clever marketing folk spend their days doing.

Even now, we are quite often on a building site installing a machine or in a new venue training staff and we are asked where our products come from. Not where we make them or how we come up with the ideas. It’s commonly assumed that like many equipment suppliers that we are simply resellers; like we went to a trade show in Europe and bought a bunch to flog off to anyone who will buy them. And our machines are certainly not off the shelf beer systems being sold as milk systems (believe us when we say there are many good reasons our machines have very little in common with a beer system). So it is always a great moment when we explain that we actually design and manufacture our machines here in Australia!

Not only do we design and make our products here in Australia for the Australian cafe and hospitality market, we consider them to be products of the Australian cafe and hospitality market. Their very existence is because products from other markets may not quite meet the unique needs of the Australian market and that a gap exists.

Of course it’s not without challenges. In fact there are plenty of reasons why I’m sure you’ll struggle to name very many Australian designed and manufactured products. But ours are. By choice, by necessity or by whatever other forces are involved, we’ve always been up for a challenge and it is truly fulfilling for every Six Simple Machines employee to see the results of their hard work as our products go from concept to fruition and out to our customers. All from the Six Simple Machines factory.

We are eternally grateful that the Australian cafe and hospitality markets have embraced our products and have supported the Six Simple Machines brand. Whether our customers know it or not they are investing in Australian manufacture which we believe is the key to unlocking the wealth of great ideas floating around in Aussie heads hoping that one day they’ll find a path to market.

What’s more, as an increasing number of our products find homes overseas we feel a sense of pride on behalf of the industries we serve here. Australians have always been ready to receive influence from overseas so it’s a great privilege to be able to provide something unique and worthwhile back.

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