Freepour Batch

Freepour Batch dispenses hot or cold batch brewed coffee. At last you can give batch the respect it deserves at every stage from whole bean all the way to the cup.

Easy Integration

Easy integration

Freepour Batch draws coffee from undercounter airpots and dispenses it through bench mounted taps. No matter what brew method or brand of brewer you use, Freepour Batch takes it to another level.

Elegant Lines

Elegant design

Batch brewers have their place but it’s generally not front and centre on your coffee bar! Freepour Batch gives batch coffee the opportunity to shine on the front bar rather than being tucked away out of sight.

Staff or Customer

Customer or staff facing

Freepour Batch can be installed facing customers or staff. Our hands-free sensor helps create a unique and rewarding experience for customers and helps staff maintain pace behind the bar.


Extra Revenue

Additional coffee revenue

Experience shows that batch sales don’t simply replace espresso sales, instead they add to overall coffee sales. What’s more, compared to espresso batch brewing uses less coffee per cup served and can often be sold at a higher price per cup. Who doesn’t like the sound of lower COGS and a higher RRP?

Spread the Load

Spread the load

Batch can also be a great way to keep the queue for espresso under control during times when your espresso workflow is maxed out. Encourage dine in customers to try batch instead of espresso and make it easily accessible at all times for takeaways. Less stress for staff and less frustration for customers can’t be a bad thing.

Something Special

Create something special

Every coffee geek knows batch brew methods can produce an entirely different and often more accurate representation of a bean’s flavour profile compared to espresso extraction techniques. Freepour Batch helps make serving batch brewed coffee more convenient for staff and also more appealing to customers.


Best Batch Ever

Sleek Design

The clean lines of the dispenser effortlessly complement any coffee bar aesthetic and demand to be noticed without causing visual clutter.

Hot or Cold

 Hot Batch or Cold Brew

We have designed the system to be compatible with hot and cold beverages so you can use your favorite batch brew method and brewer and dispense your own signature brew.

Change Badge

Easy to Change Signage

Draw customers in with customisable signage that is as easy to change as it is to change the type of coffee you are dispensing. We offer multiple signage formats including beer font style domes and menu card holders. For fans of craft beer tap handles, we can even supply blank attachments for you to get creative with.

Contactless Sensor

Contactless Dispensing

We have designed a rugged, reliable and simple to use sensor so customers or staff don’t need to touch the machine in order to dispense.


Perfect for BYO cups

Freepour Batch can be set to dispense a maximum volume allowing the use of BYO cups of different sizes without letting customers get carried away. They can dispense as little or as much as they like up to the maximum you set.

Load Airpot

Easy Loading

When loading and restocking you don’t need to mess around with fiddly connectors. Just push the airpot in and it will automatically connect. Oh yeah, magic happens!

Control Unit Freepour Batch

Sealed Control Unit

Rugged case construction and water proofing to IP 65 means the electronic components inside the Control Unit are kept safe and dry.


Easy Line Flushing and Sanitisation

The lines require daily flushing and sanitising with a cleaning solution developed by Cafetto especially for Freepour Batch. Our CIP (clean in place) system is simple to set up and runs automatically for 15 minutes.


HACCP Certification

Freepour Batch carries the HACCP certification mark for non-food products and services that are designed for, or used extensively in, the food industry.

Product Range

Freepour Batch is available in one and two tap versions. If your vision (and length of your bar) extends further than 2 taps we can build units custom units as well.

Batch Single

Freepour Batch Single

Freepour Batch Single has one tap and one docking space under the counter for one airpot. The top mount style sink is set flush into your countertop.

Batch Double

Freepour Batch Double

Freepour Batch Double has two taps and two docking spaces under the counter for two airpots. The top mount style sink is set flush into your countertop.

Batch Quad

Freepour Batch Custom

So you’re keen to represent each and every coffee growing region around the globe, all on tap, all at once? Lucky for you we also build custom units.

Options and Services

Freepour Batch Range

The Full Range

To see the complete range of Freepour Batch systems we build, click RANGE below. Of course if you would like speak to us to help you decide which unit is best for your application please call, email or visit instead! > RANGE

Installation Freepour Batch

Delivery and installation

We can arrange Delivery and Installation by an approved trained technician or if you are the handy type, you may select to install the machine yourself.

Airpot Guide

Airpot Guides

Different brewers generally ship with different size airpots. Airpots automatically connect only when they are accurately positioned below the tap. We make a range of guides to match the airpot you use, so the magic can continue to happen.

Cleaner Freepour Batch

Pump and Line Cleaner

Freepour Batch Cleaner has been developed by Cafetto specifically to keep Freepour lines, pumps and airpots clean and free from oils and debris.