Our War On Waste


Our story began in 2010 with a simple thought; milk bottles belong on the breakfast table at home – not in a busy cafe. So we decided to do something about it. After all, how hard could it be?

Fast forward to 2019, we have been fortunate to work with some fabulous people in the hospitality industry and have more than a thousand Jugglers in cafes and restaurants. It’s fantastic to see our simple thought making an impact. Our like-minded tribe of ethical, sustainability-focused customers have made a massive contribution to the #waronwasteAU by reducing the consumption of 2L plastic milk bottles by over 16,000,000 units.

Check out these fabulous cafes and restaurants that have contributed and see what else they do…

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What are the benefits of The Juggler?

What are the environmental benefits of using The Juggler?

The major environmental benefit of using The Juggler is waste reduction. Customers report they’re producing up to 80% less plastic waste using The Juggler, as bottles are replaced by 10 litre bladders. The precise volumetric dosing dramatically reduces milk wastage in a cafe environment; for every 1Lt of milk processed, 1Kg of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) is generated.

What are the economic benefits of using The Juggler?

The Juggler improves the workflow and speed of service allowing more coffees to be produced and sold during peak service times. Overall operational cost reductions can also be achieved through improved milk yields and reduced packing waste collection.

How does The Juggler benefit organisations of different scales?

We find different businesses are sometimes focussed on achieving different outcomes. For large-scale, high-volume organisations, The Juggler’s increased productivity and milk wastage reduction provides the commercial solution they are looking for. With smaller-scale businesses, it may be the quality control element, as well as achieving improvements around sustainability – through reduced plastics consumption – that are the objectives.

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