Our War on Waste

Since 2010 The Juggler has been helping cafes reduce the amount of plastic milk bottles they use and discard each and every day of operation

Over the years we have been fortunate to work with some fabulous people in the hospitality industry and now there are thousands of our products in cafes and restaurants in Australia and overseas. It’s humbling to see how our simple concept has made such an incredible impact. Our like-minded tribe of ethical, sustainability-focused customers have made a massive contribution to the #waronwasteAU by reducing the consumption of 2 litre plastic milk bottles by over 60 million milk bottles.

Our Freepour range of dispensers now enable food service operations to drastically reduce their use of single use plastic packaging too extending the benefits of using ‘Juggler Bags’ rather than plastic bottles to serve milk and fruit juice.

Empty milk bottles

How do The Juggler and Freepour benefit the environment?

Key environmental benefits of using The Juggler and Freepour is waste reduction. Customers report they’re producing around  80% less plastic waste as bottles are replaced by 10 litre bladders. Precise volumetric dosing dramatically reduces milk wastage in a cafe and can limit individual serves in a hotel buffet. With environmental factors and population growth increasing the pressure on food production it is incredibly important for companies and individuals to reduce the volume of food they are wasting. By controlling portions served, wastage can be reduced.

What our customers say

Of course we’re not the ones actually saving bottles day in, day out. We just build the machines that make it possible. Here are a few words from those who have chosen to make a conscience decision to reduce the waste they produce each and every day they are open for business.


3 venues across Sydney

“I’m a big fan of The Juggler, not just on the saving of milk bottles, but as a piece of equipment. It’s been unbreakable and a real workhorse. In our Bondi bar, since we’ve opened, I’ve had every other piece of equipment in the business breakdown on me at some point some or have needed to be completely replaced. No one’s even had to look at The Juggler. It’s just the most reliable piece of equipment. I mean we use it all day and it gets hammered. It’s great to be able to have that sort of confidence in the quality of its manufacturing.”

Edition Coffee Roasters

Darlinghurst and Haymarket

“The Juggler fits like a glove with the look and feel of our stores. The seamless interaction by staff with the machine, means less time looking around for bottles and equipment and more eye contact and banter with the customer. Not only do we have less plastic waste, but we literally have no milk wastage as the system allows us to dose exactly what is needed.”

Good Fella

Bella Vista Business Park, Sydney

“All seats face the coffee workstation in the centre of our cafe, so having equipment that leaves the focus on coffee was really important to us. The Juggler was a great option, providing out-of-sight milk storage, as well as the freeing up our baristas to work their magic.”

Kingswood Coffee

World Square, Sydney

“The Juggler has been a dream product for us over the last 5 years. On the few occasions I have helped out on coffee bars that still use bottles, it’s quite weird after being spoilt with such a great system.”

The Three Blue Ducks

Multiple locations across New South Wales and Victoria

“Choosing the right products and equipment plays a big part when it comes to efficiencies. As a barista, efficiency is one element that you’re always striving to improve on. To make amazing coffee is one thing, but to make a thousand amazing coffees in one day is another. Saving that one second here or there has made a huge impact on a barista.”

University of Sydney

5 venues across the campus including the Courtyard Restaurant and Bar

“The Juggler has completely transformed our daily operations across 5 venues on USYD Campus and enables us to not only meet our customers’ needs but also deliver on our objective of a more sustainable campus. The Juggler system is a must in any new café build. We have been a Juggler customer for over 6 years are rarely had any service issues – it’s truly built to last.”