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The Juggler is a modular system. The Dispensing unit is set into your cafe bench and is connected to the Control Unit by flexible data cables. The Control Unit is usually mounted on the integrated mounting bracket under the Dispenser. For convenience, the Control Unit may also be mounted elsewhere. Milk lines run from the taps directly into the Chiller. The Chiller is positioned under the cafe bench and may be on wheels or set on a solid plinth.

Workflow can be best when The Juggler Dispenser is located on one side of the espresso machine and your grinders are positioned on the opposite side.
This creates a flow from your grinder, through the espresso machine to your milk station and then on to your customer. It also means that if 2 baristas are working on a single espresso machine, one barista can work shots and the other can work milk without crossing paths.

Because The Juggler is a modular system, many configurations are possible to suit different bar layouts. The example pictured above show a typical RHS installation where the Dispenser and Control Unit are set to the right of the Chiller. A typical LHS installation would have the Dispenser and Control Unit set  to the left side of the Chiller. Please note that the black bench in the example above represents your cafe bench and is not part of the system.

Dimensions and Services Required

If you are considering The Juggler for your cafe, you will need the following:
(Data sheets are available to download and can be found in the Installation Downloads section below)


Enough space

The Juggler is a modular system, so with a little creative thinking it can fit even in the tightest of spaces.

See our Installation Overview or Installation Guide for the dimensions of each system.


A hole in your bench

The dispenser is typically set flush into your cafe bench.

See our Installation Overview or Installation Guide for the size of the cut-out required.



The Juggler requires 2 x 10A GPO’s. 1 x GPO is for the chiller and the other is for the dispensing system.

Ensure both GPOs are easily accessible.

Cold mains pressure water

Cold mains pressure water

The Juggler jug rinser is connected to cold mains pressure water.

Ensure you have cold water available terminated with a ½” BSP cistern stop.

Access to a drain

Access to a drain

The Juggler dispensing unit is connected to a drain via flexible PVC drain hose.
An ‘s-trap’ is the most common type drain plumbers install in cafes.

Installation Downloads


The Juggler Installation Overview

General installation guidelines to help you design your coffee bar. Includes a checklist of the services required. This guide covers all current models.

Download > PDF 2784 KB
Current version: D00116 A03


The Juggler Installation Guide

The user manual includes a step by step guide to install The Juggler. This guide shows The Juggler Double dispenser but also applies to The Juggler Single dispenser installations. Refer to the Installation Overview for The Juggler Single dispenser size information.

Download > PDF 3752 KB
Current version: D00117 A04


The Juggler CAD (DWG and PDF)

This ZIP file contains a DWG file and PDF file. Refer to our Installation Overview for installation specific information.

Download > ZIP 3048 KB
Current version: D00128 A01


The Juggler 3D CAD (Revit)

This ZIP file contains 3D CAD files for Revit. Refer to our Installation Overview for installation specific information.

Download > ZIP 5471 KB
Current version: D00137 A01