The Juggler is easy and intuitive to use and maintain. To get up to speed, watch our training videos or download our user guide.

Training Videos and Downloads

Training video section 1

The first part of a three part training video. Section 1: Loading milk into the Chiller shows you how to load milk into the chiller.

Play video > 03:39

Training video section 2

The second part of a three part training video. Section 2: Dispensing milk into jugs shows you how to dispense milk into jugs and adjust the preset doses.

Play video > 03:20

Training video section 3

The third part of a three part training video. Section 3: Running the daily cleaning routine shows you how to run the daily cleaning routine and maintain the chiller compressor.

Play video > 03:26

Download USER MANUAL 210x140

User Manual

A user manual with step by step guides showing how to set up, use and shut down The Juggler. This manual covers all current models.

Download > PDF 3752KB
Current version: D00117 A04