What, no logo carousel?


We’ve all seen them on websites. Logo carousels parading company logos like prizes. Shining trophies. But dropping names is not our way (not through a corny logo carousel anyway).

Of course we feel incredibly lucky to be working with the individuals and companies who choose to use our products. We are just as proud of the breadth of businesses we work with: independent craftspeople, high volume food service operators, corporates, institutions.

In fact the variety of projects our machines are specified for keeps things interesting. Whether a machine is being loading into a van for nearby installation or onto a ship for installation on the other side of the globe, we feel the same sense of achievement and responsibility to help keep that machine working well for years to come.

So to all of our customers past, present and future, big and small, local and global it is our pleasure to serve you as you serve your customers. It’s thrilling to be part of your success and for you to be part of ours. As much as we love sharing your stories and how they are entwined with ours dragging your logo across the bottom of our homepage as bait to lure others just doesn’t seem fitting.

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