The Juggler cafe milk tap system

The Juggler is a chilled milk dispensing system designed for cafes. It speeds up service, reduces waste and helps you focus on what really matters; the coffee and the customer.


Bladders (not bottles)

Milk for The Juggler is delivered in 10 litre ‘Juggler compatible’ bladders. The bladders automatically connect to the dispensing system as you load each one into the fridge with a single, simple push action.


Volumetric dosing

Use your jug to activate a dose you set for small, medium and large sized jugs. The Jug Size Sensor detects which jug is being used and triggers the appropriate preset dose. The manual dosing feature also comes in handy.


Modular design

We build a range of systems to suit your cafe size, pace of service and budget. Each system is modular enabling a degree of flexibility as you design your coffee bar or plan to install The Juggler into your existing cafe.



Increase productivity

The Juggler is fast to load, intuitive to use and easy to clean. It helps streamline the coffee making process and speeds up service. Time-saving features include hands free volumetric dosing which enables a barista to activate a dose and then return to other tasks while the dose is automatically poured. This means less time is wasted opening, pouring from and crushing empty milk bottles.


Reduce milk waste

Volumetric dosing can dramatically reduce the amount of milk that may otherwise be wasted when manually pouring from bottles. The Jug Size Sensor can detect 3 different sized jugs and you can program 2 different doses for each size of jug. This gives you 6 preset doses that you can program to match the size of cups you use and your most common combination of coffee orders.


Show you care

Customers notice The Juggler. To many it is becoming a symbol of true commitment to the quality of the coffee you serve (cold milk textures better than milk from a bottle left out on the bench), the environment (by reducing the amount of plastic and milk you waste) and also to the overall customer experience (by helping create a clean and uncluttered workspace and efficient workflow).



Single tap (The Juggler Single)

Dispense both whole milk and reduced fat milks from a single tap.


Two taps (The Juggler Double)

Dispense whole milk from one tap and reduced fat milks from the other.


Jug size sensor

The sensor recognises which size jug you are using and can recognise up to 3 different sized jugs – small, medium and large.


Programmable volumetric dosing

Set the volume you want dispensed for each size of jug you use. Adjustment is as easy as changing the volume on a stereo.


Primary and secondary dosing

Set 2 different doses for each jug size; e.g. for your large jug, set a LOW tide for 2 x 8 oz takeaways (the Primary Dose) and a HIGH tide for 2 x 10 oz takeaways (the Secondary Dose).


Hands-free automatic dosing

Pick up your jug, press it against the sensor, then get back to other tasks while The Juggler automatically pours the dose.


Manual dosing

Volumetric dosing is great most of the time, but it doesn’t take too many piccolos, macchiatos or baby cinos to upset your perfect world. Manual dosing adds flexibility.


Jug Rinser and Drain

Keeping your jugs clean between doses is easy with the built in jug rinser set right where you need it. Our jug rinser carries the WaterMarkTM certification mark and is a standard feature on all Juggler models.


Easy bladder loading

The bladders have a special cap that enables you to load the system in an instant without wrestling with fiddly connectors. The cap ensures hygiene is not compromised even when loading bladders mid service.


Full or partial loading

You can run The Juggler with bladders connected to all connectors inside the fridge or as few as one bladder connected.

Control Unit - The Juggler

Sealed Control Unit

Rugged case construction and water proofing to IP 65 means the electronic components inside the Control Unit are kept safe and dry.

The Juggler - Temp Protect Screen

Temp Protect Mode

Temp Protect draws milk back inside the chiller during periods of inactivity which means The Juggler is ready for action when service resumes.


Commercial Undercounter Chiller

Our system includes a commercial undercounter ‘integral’ style chiller. The chiller has an internal racking and connection system for the bladders.


Back-up Manual Mode

We hope you never need to use it, but in the event of an electronics failure it’s reassuring to know you can switch to Manual Backup mode while help is on the way.


Easy line flushing and sanitisation

The milk lines require daily flushing and sanitising with a cleaning solution developed by Cafetto especially for The Juggler. Our CIP (clean in place) system simple to set up and runs automatically for 15 minutes.


HACCP certification

The Juggler carries the HACCP certification mark for non-food products and services that are designed for, or used extensively in, the food industry.


We build a range of systems based on 3 main system components: the Dispenser, the Pump and Controller and the Chiller.
Choosing which system is right for your cafe is easy once you know a little about each component.

The Juggler Single

The Juggler Single

The Juggler Single is a single tap milk dispenser that can pour two types of milk from a single tap. The top mount style sink is set flush into your counter top.

The Juggler Double

The Juggler Double

The Juggler Double has two taps, one for whole milk and the other for reduced fat milk. The top mount style sink is set flush into your counter top.

Control Unit

The Control Unit is the brains of the operation. It is typically mounted on the side of the Chiller closest to where the Dispenser is located.

One Door Chiller

One door chiller

The one door chiller holds
4 x 10 litre bladders.

The one door chiller holds 4 x 10 litre bladders.

Two Door Chiller

Two door chiller

The two door chiller holds
up to 8 x 10 litre bladders.

The two door chiller holds up to 8 x 10 litre bladders.

Three Door Chiller

Three door chiller

The three door chiller holds
up to 12 x 10 litre bladders.

The Three door chiller holds up to 12 x 10 litre bladders.


Bladder positions inside the chiller may be ‘Connect’ or ‘Store’ positions depending on the internal configuration you choose. A wire rack is also an option for some systems.

Connect 4 / Store 4

‘Connect 4 / Store 4’ means that up to 4 bladders can be connected to the system at any one time.

Another 4 bladders can be loaded in trays in ‘store’ positions.These bladders are moved across to ‘connect’ positions when needed.

Connect 8

‘Connect 8’ means that up to 8 bladders can be connected to the system at any one time.

Wire Rack

Wire rack

The wire rack allows you to store more in your Juggler chiller than just milk bladders.

Options and Services

The Juggler Range

The Full Range

To see the complete range of Juggler systems we build, follow this link. If you’d prefer to speak to us to help you decide which unit is best for your application you are always welcome to call, email or visit instead! > RANGE

Delivery and Installation

Delivery and installation

We can arrange Delivery and Installation by an approved trained technician or if you are the handy type, you may select to install the machine yourself.

The Juggler - LHS RHS Install

LHS or RHS configuration

This describes which side of the chiller the dispenser will sit and therefore whether the milk lines run to the right or left after exiting the chiller.

Milk Line Cleaner

Milk line cleaner

The Juggler Milk Line Cleaner has been developed by Cafetto specifically for The Juggler.
Supplied in a box containing 6 x 1 litre bottles. Each box lasts approximately 2 months in a 7 day cafe and approximately 3 months in a 5 day cafe.


Standard castor set

Standard castors are for installs where the distance from the floor to the underside of the bench is greater than 830mm.

Short Castor Set

Short castor set

Short castors make the overall height of the chiller 780mm.

Plinth Conversion

Plinth Conversion

Required if the fridge is to be mounted on a plinth rather than on castors.
Where possible, we recommend installing the fridge on castors rather than a plinth.

The Juggler Bladder Tray

The Juggler Bladder Tray

In cafes where there is only room to fit a smaller chiller holding less than a full day’s worth of milk, it can be useful to store extra bladders elsewhere in trays ready to load into The Juggler fridge.

Deep Clean and Service

Deep clean and service

We offer a deep clean and service visit as part of our HACCP accreditation. We recommend that this is performed at regular 6 month intervals.

Spare Cleaning/Blanking Tool

Spare Parts

If you are looking to purchase spare parts, follow this link to our online shop. > SHOP