The Juggler : New technology improving productivity in busy coffee shops

The Juggler is the new technology that improve productivity in coffee shops around the world. It is a chilled milk dispensing system designed for busy cafes. It speeds up service, reduces waste and helps you focus on what really matters; the coffee and the customer.




Increase productivity

The Juggler is fast to load, intuitive to use and easy to clean. It helps streamline the coffee making process and speeds up service. Time-saving features include hands-free volumetric dosing which enables a barista to continue with other tasks while the dose is automatically poured. It also means less time is wasted opening, pouring from and crushing empty milk bottles.


Reduce milk waste

Volumetric dosing can dramatically reduce the amount of milk otherwise wasted when pouring from bottles. The Jug Size Sensor can detect three different sized jugs and you can program two different doses for each size of jug. This gives you up to six preset doses that you can program to match the size of cups you use and your most common combination of coffee orders.


Show you care

Customers notice The Juggler. It represents true commitment to the quality of the coffee you serve (cold milk textures better than milk from a bottle left out on the bench), the environment (by reducing the amount of plastic and milk you waste) and also to the overall customer experience (by helping to create a clean, professional and uncluttered workspace and more efficient workflow).

We build The Juggler to order in our factory in Botany, Australia. Our lead time varies but is usually around four weeks. If you are considering The Juggler for an upcoming project, please contact us to discuss your project time frame or to place an order.

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