The Juggler

The world’s first milk dispenser designed specifically for cafes

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Nobody likes the coffee queue

Customers don’t. Baristas don’t either. Whenever the queue gets too long chances are there is frustration, mistakes and customers who can’t spare time to wait. We designed The Juggler to help staff keep their cool under pressure and to keep the queue moving so customers don’t need to wait too long but can’t wait to come back!

We love coffee but we hate waste

Cafes using The Juggler are creating about 80% less plastic waste from milk packaging than cafes using milk in 2 litre bottles. The volumetric dosing feature means less of their milk is going down the drain too. So whether your goal is to save the planet or save money, we designed The Juggler to do both.

We simply don't compromise

In 2012 we designed the Juggler. It was a world first and was quickly adopted by the most forward thinking cafe owners. Since then we have subjected the the Juggler to a program of constant improvement ensuring it remains the most hygienic, longest lasting and best thought out milk solution for the world’s best cafes. No compromise!


The Juggler is packed with features that make it lightning fast to load, intuitive to use and super easy to clean.

One or two taps

The Juggler is available with one or two tap dispensers. The Juggler Single has one tap and can dispense up to two different milk types. The Juggler Double has two taps, each tap dispenses one type of milk.

Jug size sensor

The sensor recognises up to 3 different sized jugs. Pick up your jug, press it against the sensor and The Juggler will automatically pour a pre-set dose of beautiful chilled milk for you to steam to perfection.

Auto or manual

Two different volume doses can be set for each size jug giving you low tide and high tide pours. Also if you need a bit more or a bit less than your pre-set doses the sensor allows you start and stop a pour whenever you like.

Integrated jug rinser

Keeping your jugs clean between doses is easy with the built in jug rinser set right where you need it. Our jug rinser carries the WaterMark™ certification mark and is a standard feature on all Juggler models.

Easy loading

Milk for The Juggler is delivered in 10 litre bladders. The bladders have a special cap that enables you to connect them in an instant and without compromising hygiene, even when loading bladders mid service.

Undercounter fridge

We supply The Juggler with a one, two or three door undercounter fridge. We offer each fridge in a number of internal configurations designed to suit different cafe layouts and workflows.

Easy line cleaning

The milk lines require daily flushing and sanitising with a cleaning solution developed by Cafetto especially for The Juggler. Our CIP (clean in place) system is simple to set up and runs automatically for 15 minutes.

HACCP certification

Creating a milk dispenser was the easy bit. Ensuring it would remain safe in a busy cafe was the real challenge. The Juggler carries HACCP certification which is a mark of our commitment to food safety.

Purchasing The Juggler

Your cafe is one of a kind. So instead of a Buy Now button we offer a more consultative approach to each and every sale to help ensure you choose the machine that best fits you needs.  So please, send us a message and we’ll help you decide.

“Choosing the right products and equipment plays a big part when it comes to efficiencies. As a barista, efficiency is one element that you’re always striving to improve on. To make amazing coffee is one thing, but to make a thousand amazing coffees in one day is another. Saving that one second here or there has made a huge impact on a barista.” Chris Sorrell, The Three Blue Bucks
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Installing The Juggler

The Juggler is not difficult to install. You can choose to do it yourself or have one of our installers do it for you. Whichever you choose, the following downloads contain all the information you need.

The Juggler Installation Overview

General installation guidelines to help you design your coffee bar. Includes a checklist of the services required. This guide covers all current models.

Current version: D00116 A06

Download > PDF 1079 KB

The Juggler User Manual

The user manual includes a step by step guide to install The Juggler. This guide shows The Juggler Double dispenser but also applies to The Juggler Single dispenser installations. Refer to the Installation Overview for The Juggler Single dispenser size information.

Current version: D00182 A01

Download > PDF 6983 KB

The Juggler 2D CAD

This ZIP file contains a DWG file and PDF file.

Please note that the DWG file is a multi sheet file. To find the version of The Juggler dispenser and Chiller you require, please look through the sheets.

Please refer to our Installation Overview for installation specific information.

Current version: D00128 A02

Download > ZIP 3818 KB

3D CAD The Juggler
The Juggler 3D CAD

Please contact us if you require 3D CAD files.

Using The Juggler

Learning to use The Juggler is simple. Follow step by step instructions in the User Manual or watch The Juggler training videos. 

The Juggler Training Video 1
The Juggler training video 1

The first part of a three part training video. Section 1: Loading milk into the Chiller shows you how to load milk into the chiller.

Click image to play video > 03:39

The Juggler Training Video 2
The Juggler training video 2

The second part of a three part training video. Section 2: Dispensing milk into jugs shows you how to dispense milk into jugs and adjust the pre-set doses.

Click image to play video > 03:20

The Juggler Training Video 3
The Juggler training video 3

The third part of a three part training video. Section 3: Running the daily cleaning routine shows you how to run the daily cleaning routine and maintain the chiller compressor.

Click image to play video > 03:26

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