Beautiful high volume dispensers for retail and food service

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Bulk dispensing no longer means bulky dispensers

When the design brief calls for high end style and low environmental impact it can be difficult when selecting beverage dispensers. Freepour makes the choice easy. Freepour stations can dispense a range of beverages including dairy and plant based milks, fruit juices and spring water from bulk packaging stored below the counter. Minimal taps above the counter are simple and efficient to use and won’t spoil the aesthetic you’ve worked so hard to achieve!

Load more product, reload less often

Traditional bag in box beverage dispensers may be cheap to purchase and easy to install but these benefits are quickly forgotten in a busy venue. Their limited capacity requires constant monitoring and restocking by staff. In contrast Freeepour dispensers can be loaded with up to 120 litres of bag in box products. This means less staff input at times when there is no shortage of tasks that demand their focus.

Tall taps create a retail solution

Retailers are under increasing pressure to offer customers low packaging alternatives for the products they sell. We offer tall tap versions of Freepour dispensers which can be used by retail staff or by customers themselves to fill reusable bottles. A successful fill and return concept can help create differentiation in the retail marketplace and can also build customer loyalty.


Freepour dispensers are thoughtfully designed to be easy to load, operate and clean.

One or two taps

We build Freepour dispensers with one or two taps. We can build dispensers with thee or more taps too if your menu requires more beverage options. Typically each tap will dispense one type of beverage.

Beverage options

Whether your project requires a dispensing solution for milk for cereal in a staff kitchen, fruit juice in a hotel buffet or spring water as an alternative to bottled water, Freepour’s use is only limited by your imagination.

Short or tall taps

We offer the taps in two heights; short for filling cups and tall for filling bottles. We can also produce custom height taps too. The speed of dispense can be changed via the control unit to suit operational requirements.

Hands on or off

Dispensing is activated by a unique hands free sensor we designed but for some projects a simple button is best. So we offer both. Either way the dose can be set to automatically pour a volume or only pour on demand.

Easy loading

Products for Freepour are  delivered in 10 litre bladders. The bladders have a special cap that enable them to be connected to the dispenser in an instant and without compromising hygiene.

Undercounter fridge

We supply Freepour with a one, two or three door undercounter fridge which hold 40, 80 and 120 litres. We offer each fridge in a number of internal configurations designed to suit different venue layouts and workflows.

Easy line cleaning

The product lines require daily flushing and sanitising with cleaning solutions developed by Cafetto especially for Freepour. Our CIP (clean in place) system is simple to set up and runs automatically for 15 minutes.

HACCP certification

In any high volume food service operation, food safety is a top level priority. When designing dispensing equipment, it is for us as well. Freepour carries HACCP certification which is a mark of our commitment to food safety.

Purchasing Freepour

Before you purchase a Freepour dispenser we like to talk through a few things to make sure you choose the best machine for your business. So please, send us a message and we’ll help you decide.

Freepour Single Cereal

Installing Freepour

Freepour dispensers are not difficult to install. A good shopfitter can easily manage it or we can arrange one of our installers do it for you. Whichever you choose, the following downloads contain all the information you need.

Freepour Installation Overview

General installation guidelines to help you design your buffet bar. Includes a checklist of the services required. This guide covers one and two regular and tall tap versions. For custom units with more than two taps please refer to additional information supplied with your machine.

Current version: D00151 A02

Download > PDF 1271 KB

Freepour User Manual

The user manual includes a step by step guide to install Freepour. This guide shows one, tow and three regular and tall tap versions. For custom units with more than three taps please refer to additional information supplied with your machine.

Current version: D00183 A01

Download > PDF 5835 KB

Freepour 2D CAD

This ZIP file contains a DWG file and PDF file.

Please note that the DWG file is a multi sheet file. To find the version of the Freepour Dispenser and Chiller you require, please look through the sheets.

Please refer to our Installation Overview for installation specific information.

Current version: D00139 A03

Download > ZIP 2626 KB

3D CAD Freepour
Freepour 3D CAD

Please contact us if you require 3D CAD files.

Using The Juggler

Learning to use The Juggler is simple. Follow step by step instructions in the User Manual or watch The Juggler training videos. 

The Juggler Training Video 1
The Juggler training video 1

The first part of a three part training video. Section 1: Loading milk into the Chiller shows you how to load milk into the chiller.

Play video > 03:39

The Juggler Training Video 2
The Juggler training video 2

The second part of a three part training video. Section 2: Dispensing milk into jugs shows you how to dispense milk into jugs and adjust the pre-set doses.

Play video > 03:20

The Juggler Training Video 3
The Juggler training video 3

The third part of a three part training video. Section 3: Running the daily cleaning routine shows you how to run the daily cleaning routine and maintain the chiller compressor.

Play video > 03:26

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